Consultations & Appointments

Consultations and treatments take place at the White Willow Natural Therapy Centre in College Road, Eastbourne. This is an established clinic which offers the privacy and comfort that you would expect from a private practice.



All information, provided by you or discussed during the sessions, (including test results) will remain strictly confidential and will only be shared with other Health Practitioners with your consent. This includes your GP or other professionals with whom you may be receiving treatment.


Initial Consultation

£750090 Minutes

Personalised Plan

£6000No visit required

Personalised Plan Follow up Consultation

£300060-90 Minutes

Follow up Appointments (as required)

£6000Per Hour

Continuing Care Package

Comprises prenatal Dru yoga, gentle restorative massage, and relaxation therapies.
Prenatal yoga can be arranged as private, couples or small group sessions.
Please see Therapies and Yoga Sections for individual rates of payment.


* Payment is required via bank transfer or card payment to cover the time taken to produce your personalised plan. We regret that no refund is available once the transfer has been made as the plan will be based upon your unique situation.

However, in the happy event that you receive a positive pregnancy test before your follow up consultation 50% of your investment can be redeemed with therapies or personalised yoga as part of the pre-natal Continuing Care Package. (Please see above).

If this would lighten your fertility journey and help you to prioritise your energy in taking the best care of yourself and your partner, we look forward to hearing from you.


Essense Fertility is a service provided by Essense Holistic and as such, makes no claim to increase your likelihood of becoming pregnant. The intention is not to mislead or make decisions for you, but to give you the information to the best of our ability to help you make informed choices for yourselves.

Guidance given within this website does not take in to account your personal medical history. Essense Holistic is not responsible for any of the decisions that you choose to make and you may need to consult with your health practitioner.