Understanding Stress

  • Has stress replaced the magic of intimacy in your relationship?
  • Are you tired of putting your life on hold and feel like giving up?
  • Do you feel envious of those who conceive easily, asking yourself ‘why me’?
  • Would you like to have more clarity instead of feeling overwhelmed?


The Impact of Stress

Fertility experts agree on the impact that stress has on the ability to conceive. The path to parenthood can create enormous stress over a prolonged period of time, especially if there is concern that the pregnancy may never happen. The everyday frustrations and demands of life tend to create an accumulation of stress. In addition there may be physical, psychological, emotional or environmental factors. Making the correct lifestyle choices can help to reduce stress and eliminate some of the following which may be an underlying cause of infertility:

  • Being under or over-weight due to excessive or inadequate exercise
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Nutrient deficiency
  • Toxicity

Stress & Infertility

Infertility is a major contributor to stress in couples due to the complexity of this condition and fear of the unknown. Many people on this journey are experiencing regret and sadness of past events or wrapped up in the wishing and hoping for their ideal future. Essense Fertility offers a range of therapies, yoga and meditation to help you regain your sense of equilibrium. When you live more in the present moment and allow life to unfold you will feel more empowered and move forward with confidence and ease.

Stress and Relaxation are essential to life and perfectly healthy when in balance.

They are two sides of the same coin, being related to sympathetic (fight and flight) and parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) response.

The helpful comment ‘just relax’ may in itself be a source of stress, adversely affecting the ability to conceive.

For women who feel the pressure of the ticking clock, the decision to have a baby can create anxiety rather than excitement.

Natural Doubts

Doubts around not being able to conceive are natural, and the impact of external factors such as medical appointments, investigations, procedures or relationship issues can also be very stressful. If it has been a long journey the physical, emotional and psychological demands on both partners may have turned the joy of creating a family into a time of pressure and intense emotion. The belief that it is important to be seen as coping can further internalise the stress.

For women, prolonged stress can disrupt the menstrual cycle and interfere with ovulation. The adrenal glands produce higher levels of adrenalin and cortisol which reduce the availability of fertility hormones. Progesterone is crucial for maintaining the lining of the womb for implantation and nourishing the developing foetus. For men, high stress levels may cause lack of sleep resulting in an imbalance of male hormones, lowering the sperm count as well as libido.

Pillow Talk

We all know about the birds and the bees, but how much do we really understand about the blocks to intimacy and how to remove them, not to simply create more fun in the bedroom but to enhance every area of our relationships.

During the honeymoon phase there is often an abundance of mutual appreciation, praise, attentiveness and active listening, with the excitement of getting to know each other. As the relationship progresses there is unconditional love and acceptance of each other. This continues if the relationship is one of mutual understanding, trust, and security. Many of life’s ups and downs can be navigated through with conscious and effective communication, ultimately strengthening the relationship further.

Developing Intimacy

Respecting the innate emotional needs of each other and discovering how to enhance communication skills will develop intimacy in and out of the bedroom. Much of our communication is subconscious and can lead to the frustration of not being heard and understood. Appreciating how our body language and communication styles affect our ability to listen goes a long way in helping to create a stronger bond during your most challenging times. As you gain more insight in to how, and what you are communicating, you will be able to consciously choose to respond more easily.


The perfect anti-dote to stress!

Kissing, cuddling, laughter and dancing all encourage the natural abundant flow of the hormone oxytocin, otherwise known as the “love hormone”. This hormone is incredibly relaxing and associated with the pleasurable state experienced during closeness with a partner. The perfect anti-dote to stress!

“I just knew deep down that if I could get on top of the stress, it would happen naturally – and it did!”
Heidi Eastbourne.

Regain your sense of clarity and feel more at ease

When the stress has been lifted it is easier for women to be in touch with their feminine energy allowing their partner to feel empowered in his masculinity. Fertility massage and other therapies along with yoga and meditation can help to ease stress, tension and encourage freedom of mind and body. When there is greater ease in the relationship, couples tend to feel more comfortable with communicating their needs and opening to the deeper intimacy that follows.

If you would like to regain your sense of clarity and feel more at ease with your life once more Essense Fertility can help you to manage your energy levels and reduce your experience of stress. This will allow you to take back your life and be free to rediscover the pleasures of your relationship and sense of inner peace and contentment.