Aroma Facial

A gentle cleanse and exfoliation  with Lavera certified natural and organic products, followed by a deeply restorative and relaxing facial massage with specially selected essential oils blended in a luxurious base of Primavera organic jojoba and rose hip and Neal’s Yard Remedies grape seed oils

The Ultimate Treat to Lift Your Emotions and Soothe Your Mind.

Your treatment begins with a brief consultation to ascertain which essential oils would be most suitable for your skin type and to help soothe the mind and emotions. As you relax under towels on the massage couch, a gentle cleanse and exfoliation will induce a sense of well-being and prepare your skin for maximum absorption of the deeply moisturising products that follow. This special blend of essential oils in organic Primavera jojoba, rose hip and Neal’s Yard Remedies grapeseed oils will add a touch of luxury to your experience. Circular movements to the scalp are performed without oil to loosen tight muscles and release stress and tension throughout the body.  The facial massage includes the neck and shoulders leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed

Treatment Costs

60 mins £54

75 mins £63

Lavera – NaTrue Certified

The Lavera range of products used are  100% natural with high quality organic plant ingredients  and of the purest quality. They are NaTrue certified and do not allow animal testing.

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Aroma Facials

An essential oil is the “essence” of a flower, herb, resin or fruit. When inhaled via facial massage, the effects on our moods can be instantaneous. For example, Ylang ylang, an exotic Asian flower can induce relaxation for those who are feeling tense and anxious through too many commitments. Chamomile is a flowering herb that can help soothe and calm nervousness and Geranium can help us to release the past, feel refreshed and able to move forward with greater vitality.

Aroma Facials

When we inhale the fragrance of an essential oil through a facial massage for example, the molecules travel via the nose to the olfactory bulb and limbic system of the brain. Essential oils can have quite profound effects on the body, mind and emotions as the limbic system is directly related to the areas of the brain controlling stress levels, heart rate, blood pressure, hormones and breathing.

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I Just wanted to say a big thank you for my amazing treatment yesterday.   Your Aroma Facial is a truly divine treatment. Your gentle touch and personalised treatment approach left me feeling completely relaxed and my skin smooth, nourished and glowing. The individualised choice of essential oils complemented my emotional and physical state perfectly. I will certainly been choosing this treatment again very soon.

Sarah, Eastbourne