Lavera Uplifting Facial

This unique and blissful treatment has left many clients feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and radiant!

The techniques used in the Lavera Uplifting Facial are mainly derived from the ancient Ayurvedic system dating back thousands of years to the origins of holistic healing. Ayurveda emphasises massage as being essential to health and beauty, especially when part of a daily routine.

60 minutes  £55 | 75 minutes (recommended!)  £65

The experience..

The facial includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation and massage to the décolleté (neck and shoulders). The Lavera range of products used are 100% natural with high quality organic plant ingredients and of the purest quality. They are NaTrue certified and do not allow animal testing.

A moisturising deep cleanse and exfoliation with Jojoba pearls gently removes trapped pollution, impurities and dead skin cells, whilst purifying and toning the skin. Organic purifying toner further provides micellar technology to lift dirt and oils, refining the pores,  revitalising and improving skin texture, leaving it glowing and refreshed. The naturally fragrant toners, restore ph levels, help prevent blemishes, and create brighter, fresher skin preparing it to absorb the moisturisers that follow.

Choose from the most delicious range of  creamy super-hydrating masks


Includes anti-wrinkle ingredients such as White Tea and  Pomegranate for intense hydration.


With anti-oxidant organic cranberry and argan oil to activate cellular regeneration, improve elasticity, creating a smooth, supple, bright, radiant complexion.


With the beautiful scent of organic wild rose, avocado and shea butter for a bright, radiant complexion.

Co-enzyme Q10

Anti-oxidants to stimulate skin cells and help prevent premature ageing. With organic jojoba and aloe vera to  further moisturise, calm and hydrate.


With organic mint and Dead Sea salt to refreshen the skin and reduce blemishes.

Natural Intensive

With organic evening primrose – free from fragrance and preservatives for dry, allergy prone skin.

This ultimate  blend of energy balancing, massage and pure skin care is so much more than a simple beauty treatment

This ultimate blend of energy balancing, massage and pure skin care is so much more than a simple beauty treatment as it helps to harmonise the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers thus promoting improved overall health. In Ayurveda, Kapha is one of the subtle energies relating to fluid that is in every cell, particularly within the lymphatic network. It is believed that stimulating this system through gentle pressure points known as acupressure, helps to improve oxygenation and nutrition to the the cells whilst eliminating toxins.


I experienced the Lavera Uplifting Organic Facial for the first time.  I was suffering with emotional stress, and my face looked tired and dehydrated.  The facial was very calming, and I was able to completely relax during the therapy.  Afterwards, I felt as if I would float back home, my skin looked fabulous, glowing and radiant.  The dark circles under my eyes had disappeared, along with the fine lines across my face, I looked 10 years younger!  A very relaxing therapy with great results.

M.W., Eastbourne