The Five Pathways

Your Ayurvedic treatment offers a personalised approach to health through five traditional pathways, namely, lifestyle, diet, yoga, herbs and therapies. During your initial consultation you will gain deeper insights into your current lifestyle, diet, health concerns and sleep patterns.The session will include your medical history, how you are feeling about your health, along with your aims and objectives so that together we can form a plan to create the life that you desire.


Ayurveda provides a supportive role to medical treatment rather than an alternative and can help to understand how our diet and lifestyle affect our health on many levels. If you are already under medical care, you may be advised to consult your doctor before continuing with some of the recommendations. As holistic health practitioners, we will not attempt to diagnose or treat any medical condition, but will refer you to the GP if necessary.

Discover how Ayurveda can put the sparkle back into your life !

The more time we spend in nature, the more easily we become in tune with our innate intelligence of the cells and naturally make the best decisions for our health. Ayurveda reminds us to bring balance to our inner nature through experiencing the elements around us.

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The Fundamental principles


Creating the perfect way to start your day according to the principals of Ayurveda will have a huge impact on your life. Dinacharya is a specific routine of cleansing the body inside and out to remove ama – the toxins that are responsible for many health conditions from colds to more chronic and serious illnesses.

Adapting to the seasons

We may be aware of how the seasons are affecting us either positively or in a way that creates challenges. For example a pitta dosha will naturally increase during the summer, sometimes causing heat rashes or other skin conditions. During the winter, we will experiences the effects of colder, wetter weather and need to adapt to these through change of diet and lifestyle.

Take time for yourself

Aroma Facials

How can Dru Ayurveda Health Coaching help you?

“Thank you for inspiring and educating me on the many benefits of Ayurveda Jan. Now that I know so much more about specific Ayurveda practises and which foods I should optimally combine and balance in my diet, I feel much more alert, vibrant and vital ! “

Sam, East Dean

Yoga & Meditation

Dru Yoga has a unique style. Its graceful, flowing style will empower you with the life force of nature, reconnecting you with your own innate wisdom. Yoga helps core strengthening and balancing of the muscles and creating more flexibility in the spine.

During your yoga practise, each pose naturally brings you to a sense of deeper relaxation and stillness of the mind. This is a key part of meditation and inner peace. From this place, you can perceive more clarity as to the needs of your body, mind and emotions.

Jan Styles Yoga Teacher
Jan Styles Yoga Teacher

Lifestyle Support

Yoga is excellent for reducing stress levels, encouraging overall fitness, calming the mind and balancing each of the systems of the body. There are endless benefits to Dru yoga giving it true therapeutic value.

Dru Yoga comprises specially selected postures and sequences that can also help to support your health in the following ways

  • Support and nourish the system by freeing tension and encouraging circulation.
  • Improve oxygenation of the whole body
  • Reduce the stress hormone cortisol, allowing more readily available progesterone
  • Re-set the fight or flight stress response. (Awareness of subtle energy
  • Release tension, frustration and anxiety from the mind, body and emotions.
  • Induce the relaxation response of the nervous system through conscious deep breathing and yoga nidra (yogic sleep).

Meditation and Breath Practises

Benefits Include:

  • De-activating the stress response.
  • Learning how to respond rather than react to stressful situations
  • Deeper, more restorative sleep
  • Taking time for yourself to move from doing to being
  • Dropping into deeper level of stillness
  • Helping you to maintain perspective
  • Get in touch with your inner wisdom and intuition

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Your Daily Routine

Including a meditation practise into your daily routine, is invaluable in reducing stress levels. Constant stress increases the levels of cortisol and other hormones that are natural, but in excess at the wrong time of day can make us feel out of balance in many ways as well as affecting sleep patterns.

Feel Empowered & Revitalised

Ayurveda can be used alongside medical treatment and any other therapies such as massage.

Choose to feel empowered and restore your energy levels through yoga, meditation and creating your ideal lifestyle. As you feel calm and empowered you will be able to step back and see more clearly the next steps to take. Discover a renewed sense of peace wherever you happen to be on your journey.

“Learning about the many benefits of an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle  has really helped me so much over the past few years.  The education and awareness of Ayurveda has taught me so much about cleaning up my diet and my understanding of my body has vastly improved. In turn this has helped improve my overall confidence and self esteem as I can now keep to a healthy weight and body shape that I feel really good about. Having an understanding of Ayurveda,  and practicing it’s principles, has greatly improved my overall well-being and life.”

Sam, Eastbourne