Personalised 1-1 Dru Yoga Sessions

  • Improve posture, balance, flexibility and muscular strength.
  • Increase vitality and reduce fatigue through more conscious use of energy.
  • Feel emotionally balanced with yoga postures and techniques to practise at home.
  • Experience improved health of body, mind and spirit.
  • Learn how to calm the mind through conscious breathing and meditation.

Whether you are new to yoga or already have an established practise, one to one sessions will allow you the time and attention you need to discuss your personal health requirements and discover how yoga can be of benefit.  Jan is always happy to answer concerns during class, but often a more detailed assessment is advisable to fully examine your posture,  alignment and balance of strength and flexibility.

Booking & Prices

Yoga 1-1 Personalised yoga – in person

60 mins – £75

45 mins – £60

Skype/ Zoom 60 mins £75

For bookings all bookings please phone 07852992150

Dru Yoga
One to one dru yoga in Eastbourne East Sussex

Jan has devised two types of session to accommodate your needs.

 Personalised 1-1 Yoga

Assessment & Observation

Your session will include an assessment of your individual needs, observation of your general flexibility and recommendations for your home yoga practise.

Personalised sessions can offer a more holistic look at the relationship between mind, body and spirit which can be helpful if there are underlying emotional issues or a sense of needing to find a more established direction in your life.

Intuitive Colour Readings

To begin your yoga session I may use colour and intuitive analysis to assess the flow of energy through the body and chakras (energy centres located along the spine). This indicates which areas are in need of support. For example, if the base chakra is out of balance we may feel ungrounded or experience fear, insecurity and challenges with the feet, knees and hips.

Chakra Graphic

Yoga & Relaxation

You will then learn specific yoga postures or sequences, breathing and relaxation techniques to balance the chakras and re-direct the flow of energy and help you to feel more energised and able to respond to life with greater awareness and ease.

Yoga Pose
Aroma Therapy Massage

Dru Yoga Back Care Therapy

Detailed Assessment

If you require practical advice for back care or other health concerns, a yoga therapy session will be recommended. This will involve a detailed assessment including observation of your posture, general flexibility and practical advice for back care if required. These sessions mainly focus on physical issues, but any health concern can be addressed. Positive effects often occur in other areas of your life as a result of the recommendations. A personal yoga therapy session will complement and maximise the benefits of the Mind & Body Yoga classes at Natural Fitness Centre.

Yoga For Home Practice

The initial session will include yoga for home practice which may involve strengthening postures, or those that encourage flexibility or are primarily restorative in nature.

Warm Up Exercises

Your yoga “prescription” will include the relevant warm up exercises for the sequences or postures (asanas) that will be most beneficial for you. These asanas will encourage flexibility, core strength and a healthy spine.  Breath awareness will be introduced with the postures and more specific breathing techniques (pranayama) which can help with stress related conditions, pain relief and  many conditions such as asthma.  (Please visit the Testimonials page to discover more of what you might experience).

Creating a Plan

There may also  be a brief Ayurvedic assessment to give a wider perspective and understanding of your area of imbalance. We will  discuss your specific needs and create a plan for a number of weeks or, if you prefer, individual sessions as required.

Awareness On All Levels

Yoga Therapy can help support the mind, body and emotions. Dru yoga brings an awareness on all levels and guides you towards the still point of inner calm.

If you would like to include some aromatherapy massage at the end your session, it would be advisable to book a 90 minute session to give yourself time to relax and enjoy the complete yoga therapy experience.

Jan, thanks for such a great session. Your intuitive guidance provided me with exactly what I needed and I left me equipped with tools to take forward in my journey that I am already using to good effect. Simply superb.

Matt, Eastbourne

After only two sessions I am feeling much more energised. My daily practice is greatly increasing the flexibility of my spine. And the tight band of muscle across my lumbar area has completely gone!

Aniko, Dental Surgeon