Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy is the perfect time to slow down and introduce a yoga practise into your life that is harmonious with the energetic changes that occur during this unique life event. It is a time to feel empowered and fully trust in the innate wisdom of your body to carry your baby into the world.

Pre-natal yoga includes gentle flowing postures and sequences, yogic breathing techniques, meditation and deep relaxation to support you through the journey of pregnancy, labour and birth.

Session Information & Pricing

Jan invites you to book individual sessions or plan some dates with a small group of other mums-to-be at a similar stage of pregnancy.  A partner session will further enhance your experience by introducing massage and other techniques that can be used  to help you relax during pregnancy and labour.

60 mins private session – (1 or 2 mums-to-be) £55
60 mins partner session – £55
60 mins group of 3-5 mums-to-be – £55 (available at Natural Fitness Centre only).

Prenatal yoga is safe to practise from 14 weeks onwards for a healthy pregnancy but if you have any medical concerns, please consult with your Midwife or doctor before attending any yoga session.

The Benefits

Dru yoga can help you to

  • Maintain optimal health and wellbeing throughout pregnancy.
  • Develop skills to help you feel calmer during pregnancy and labour.
  • Lower  stress hormones and feel more emotionally balanced.
  • Ease back pain and other pregnancy related problems using effective self-help tools and partner yoga.

Beneficial yoga practices that you will learn include

  • Gentle asanas and Dru yoga sequences
  • Effective breathing methods for pregnancy and labour
  • Relaxation techniques specific to pregnancy
  • Meditation and visualisation to calm and relax
  • Affirmations to create empowering thoughts and emotions
Prenatal Yoga - Woman Relaxing & Meditating
Couple relaxing in sitting yoga pose

You will also have the opportunity to

  • Understand alignment and modifications for standing, sitting and lying
  • Adapt to the changes and demands on your body
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor and  core stability muscles
  • Enhance optimal  positioning of your baby
  • Create a nurturing environment for the development of your baby
  • Honour the needs of pregnancy

Preparing for childbirth

Encourage your partner to actively support you through learning some of these Dru yoga pain-relieving techniques:

  • Gentle yoga  partner stretches to ease tension
  • Pelvic release movements  to encourage dilation
  • Supportive postures for couples
  • Simple massage techniques to bring relaxation during  pregnancy and provide natural pain relief during labour.
  • Basic meditation and  deep relaxation for quiet time together
Pregnant Woman and Male Partner

One of the aims of preparation for childbirth is to encourage the natural abundant flow of the hormone oxytocin, otherwise known as the “love hormone”. This hormone is incredibly relaxing and associated with pleasurable states such as those experienced during laughter, singing, dancing or during closeness with a partner, Oxytocin triggers contractions, calms the nervous system and induces the feelings  of surrender and comfort that are the essence of labour. It further stimulates the feeling of closeness and is abundant immediately after the birth, encouraging you bond deeply and fall in love with your baby

I wasn’t sure what to expect from pregnancy yoga but I gained so much. Learning to relax and take a little time for myself and to connect with my baby were all such valuable skills to learn. To say my partner was skeptical was an understatement, but having competed the session, he now knows how to help me relax and control my breathing and feels much more involved and in control of the process. He even learnt how to relax a little too! A very big thank you.

Kerry, Eastbourne