Fertility Massage Therapy

For natural and assisted conception – The ultimate treatment for Women’s Health & Fertility approved by FHT, CThA and AAMT. This is also an invaluable treatment for menopause and digestive complaints, eliminating toxins and encouraging absorption of nutrients.

Flowers in Bowl

Fertility Massage Therapy Can Help:

  • PCOS and endometriosis
  • ease menstrual pain by releasing endorphins
  • encourage hormonal balance
  • clear congestion
  • increase circulation to the ovaries and uterus
  • strengthen the liver to reduce excess oestrogen
  • reduce inflammation
  • break down adhesions and scar tissue, clear blocked fallopian tubes
  • loosen tension within the tissues
  • help restore the correct position of the womb
  • encourage a healthy digestive system

Fertility massage can also help you discover the wisdom of your womb, release stress and emotional trauma and open you up to the possibility of conception, whether natural or assisted. This therapy can aid fertility but there are no guarantees pregnancy will occur.

Initial Session

£900090 Mins
  • includes Full Consultation and Fertility Massage Treatment

Follow up sessions

£750075 Mins
  • Include mini Consultation and Fertility MassageTreatment

Continued Treatments

£600060 Mins
  • Continued Fertility Massage Treatments

To Heal the Womb is to Heal the Woman

The powerful statement “To Heal the Womb is to Heal the Woman” is at the heart of Fertility Massage Therapy which was conceived by Clare Blake, founder and Doctor of Naturopathy. Clare encourages women to reclaim their womb, creating a loving relationship with her rather than feeling the pain or disappointment that can reside there. Clare has a history of international research and training which confirmed the link between infertility and emotional trauma, stress, anxiety, scar tissue and digestive complaints. Jan has completed an intensive practical training with Clare who demonstrates an in-depth theoretical knowledge and understanding of the most common female conditions and especially the fertility process.

Initial Session & Treatment

Your initial session with Jan begins with a detailed consultation to assess your medical history relating to the digestive and reproductive systems, along with your personal needs. We will discover areas of concern or possible blocks to conception that can be helped through this emotionally healing therapy.

This unique treatment is one of a full body experience due to the gentle pulsing, Rebozo rocking and swaying. This helps disperse emotional stress and trauma along with physical tension. The focus is initially on the lower back, especially the sacrum, affecting the reproductive and digestive organs. An improvement in digestive health impacts fertility as it is essential for enhancing the immune system which is thought to be the cause of 40% of unexplained infertility and 80% of unexplained miscarriage.  Massage to the sacrum soothes the nervous system, inducing deeper relaxation. Specific massage techniques to the abdominal area and womb helps to directly increase circulation, balance the hormones and clear congestion whilst nourishing the womb, ovaries and fallopian tubes. Freedom of movement within the pelvis is enhanced.

Unlock your feminine intuition

Fertility Massage Therapy is probably one of the most nurturing forms of holistic treatment that a woman can experience. It is more profound than many other kinds of massage as it gently senses into the physical, emotional and spiritual energy that is held within the womb. If you are wanting to conceive, this treatment can help you connect more deeply with your inner wisdom. It can unlock your feminine intuition and fertility awareness which will empower you with greater confidence and understanding. If this would reassure you and help you along your journey, Essense Fertility looks forward to hearing from you.

I just wanted to thank you again for the massages, which felt quite holistic. They were absolutely incredible, both from a physical point of view as well as an emotional one. They came at a fitting time for me and helped me connect with my emotions whilst enabling me to feel deeply relaxed and facilitate in my journey of letting go and acceptance. You have the natural ability to create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility, which enables a sense of ease and trust.

Valerie, Eastbourne