Yoga Nidra Sound Bath 

Sound Healing is the therapeutic application of sound to the body. Sound frequencies are believed to have a stimulating, releasing and balancing effect on the our cellular, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

There is a Presence which is more profound than any thought. It announces itself here, in the Heart. It is ever present, stable and pure. When the attention rests inside, automatically, the mental noise subsides and Presence alone prevails.” – Mooji

The human voice has the potential to be a unique healing instrument producing pure tone and harmonics. When expressed with pure intention the voice releases energy, opens the heart and brings the mind to the silent still place of Being.

Contact Jan to experience Deep Yoga Nidra and the tones of Tibetan and crystal bowls to bring you to the still point within.

What are the benefits?

Benefits vary considerably according to each individual as sound affects us on every level, but most clients are seen to visibly relax as the muscles release tension.

Other common benefits include:

  • A deeper sense of calm within the nervous system.
  • More refreshing sleep
  • Release of blocked emotions
  • Reduced physical pain.
  • Feeling more positive and understanding of the life situation.

Ancient yogic practises of chanting and toning create a calming breathing pattern through consciously engaging the diaphragm and parasympathetic nervous system.

Higher Levels of Consciousness

Sound vibrations and chanting can help release previously held emotions and stress related tension as there is a more conscious connection with the breath and feeling layer of the body.

Music rich in harmonics such as Gregorian chanting can resonate and alter the wavelengths of the brain activity. These changes can be measured through the release of endorphins, creating an ‘other worldly’, altered state of consciousness. The voice or soprano choir boys creates a specific frequency that vibrates with the ear canal at 3-4000 Hz, creating a ‘ring’ as we listen. At 8-10,000 Hz the inner ear lights up.

Resonate & Uplift

Sound has been used throughout history in numerous ways. It is widely thought that the great Masters Bach, Beethoven and others channelled Divine works of music to resonate and uplift the physical and subtle bodies of man.

Pachabel’s Canon in D produces the perfect rhythm for the heart beat – 64 beats/min and will change the brain waves from Beta to Alpha. Rhythm and pitch are thought to have an effect on the brain’s limbic system affecting the emotions. This is why music can calm the nervous system or have an energising effect.


“There is a Presence which is more profound than any thought. It announces itself here, in the Heart. It is ever present, stable and pure. When the attention rests inside, automatically, the mental noise subsides and Presence alone prevails.” – Mooji

Inspired through live satsang with Mooji, and coming to know Grace through his presence, Jan uses gentle promptings to guide you towards your true nature and most effortless Self. You will have the opportunity to experience deep yoga nidra (yogic sleep) and meditative states that can bring awareness of the blissful Self – your true essence which is eternal, unchanging and free.

Energy within every level of our being from the physical cells through to the subtle bio-energetic field vibrates at a different frequencies. Stresses of the body, mind or emotions can weaken this network creating disharmony and if persistent may create dis-ease. When aligned with pure intention, through chanting and toning, certain vowel sounds resonate and work sympathetically with the physical and subtle bodies.


Jill Purce, David Hykes and Jonathan Goldman were all pioneers of sound bringing Tibetan overtone chanting to the West. Jill says that the degree and quality of overtones creates the unique characteristics of each human voice. Jan attended Inner Sound workshops with Jill Purce in London during the 1990s where the experience of Tibetan overtone chanting sparked her interest in sound as a healing modality, which she later went on to explore with The College of Sound Healing, gaining a diploma in 2014.

The principal of ‘entrainment’ was discovered by Christian Huygens, A Dutch Scientist, in 1665. He noticed that when more than two oscillators were pulsing at a similar rate in the same field, the more powerful of the two would cause the other to vibrate at the same rate.

In 1970 The Swiss Scientist Dr Hans Jenny showed how the wave forms of musical tones (‘Cymatics’) created cell-like structures of incredible geometric patterns in previously inert powder and liquid substances. It is common for the tones used in sound healing sessions to be perceived as patterns, shapes as well as colour, scent and healing images.

In “superstring” theory, it is thought that sub-atomic particle “strings” are the ultimate components from which the universe is comprised. Vibrating at a specific frequency enables them to communicate with each other as a huge stringed instrument throughout the universe. Vibration is thought to move through this fifth element of ether – Akasha or space or sound. During a Sound Healing treatment, voice frequencies of the therapist move through the transmitter of the ether via these densely packed strings, to the physical or subtle bodies of the receiver. The human body is over 75% water which is a good conductor of sound. The effects of frequency are very powerful. When an opera singer is able to vibrate a glass with her voice she has matched her voice to the resonant frequency of the glass.

Another blissful Yoga nidra sound bath with you today at the Natural Fitness Centre Jan!

These sessions are always special. It gives me 90 minutes of time just for me to let go. I love the warm, peaceful studio and the sound of the rolling waves keeping time.

Today didn’t disappoint, in fact it was even more special than usual. Your beautiful voice prompted me out of my yogic slumber, a beautiful warm white light appeared with little ripples, like a pebble thrown into water. And when I rolled onto my side to face my friend who recently lost her husband, I was bombarded with the most vivid, beautiful indigo.

The  three friends  that were with  me yesterday also  noticed that they experienced more colour than usual. It was definitely a day of intense energy and raw emotion. 

Students  do not need any experience, anything at all to enjoy these sessions with you. There is no judgement just like minded people with open hearts. 

Dani, Easstbourne