Dru Breath Coaching

The ultimate re-balancing practise

Experience the many rewards of learning how to breathe more efficiently.

Possible Benefits Include

  • General relaxation, relief of stress and tension in the body

  • Maximising effective breath for improved energy levels and sports performance.

  • May help improve and reduce asthma attacks and other respiratory disorders.

  • Reduced stress, anxiety and tiredness, resulting in deeper sleep.

  • A sense of calmness, contentment and tranquility.

Aromatherapy Oils
Indian Head Massage

Confirming Suitability

A medical history consultation will confirm the suitability of this treatment, in case you have any conditions such as  inflammation, diabetes, epilepsy, high or low blood pressure, or are in the early stages of pregnancy.

The treatment is performed with the client sitting comfortably in a chair, remaining dressed but with access to the neck and shoulders for the application of a small amount of oil. (The use of oil on the head is optional and may include essential oils such as lavender if desired). Warm towels will encourage relaxation and maintain comfort throughout. Some of the techniques used on the head are stimulating to the circulation. Gentle acupressure point activation to the face further helps to free toxins from the tissues by encouraging lymphatic and blood circulation. Deeper breathing naturally results as the client becomes deeply relaxed.

Well Being Throughout The Whole Body

Indian head massage is often used to relieve conditions associated with stress, especially tension of the neck and shoulders, headaches and eye strain. As the scalp is massaged, blood flow increases and the  muscles in the face, head, neck and shoulders begin to relax, inducing feeling of well being throughout the whole body.

Ancient Indian Tradition

Indian Head Massage dates back thousands of years to the Himalayan subcontinent where it was part of the Ayurvedic system of health and healing. It is translated as “the science of life” where massage still forms an integral part of the daily routine or dinacharya of preventative medicine to this day. Ayurvedic philosophy believes that the mind directly affects the health of the body and that massage to the  head can positively influence the nervous system through its calming effects. In India, the body is believed to contain seven main energy centres known as chakras and when out of balance, energy is unable to flow freely through those located in the head, creating tension and disharmony. The stimulating massage techniques and increase of circulation are thought to encourage hair growth and lustre.

The effectiveness of this ancient Indian tradition has been affirmed more recently through its popularity in the West, where it is a convenient and pleasurable way to ease the stresses of modern day life. The soothing, rhythmic massage strokes help to restore and rebalance the energy levels, creating a deeper sense of peace and calm.

Holistic Therapies

Jan’s life-long interests in nutrition, yoga, health and healing has lead to her many qualifications and broad experiences as a practitioner of Holistic Therapies over the last 35 years

Dru Ayurveda 



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Dru Yoga

Jan began teaching Dru yoga in 2009 and spent a year in post graduate training in yoga therapy for back care.  Her ongoing studies in nutritional healing have been inspired by her understanding and practise of Ayurveda.

Jan has a calm and gentle nature and provides a professional service. She checks in to see how much pressure is comfortable and identifies areas that may need more attention. The treatment promotes relaxation and calmness and has provided me with relief of sinus pressure as well as being a great stress reliever for me.

P.P., Eastbourne